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American Horror Story Has Dropped A Major Clue For Season 10’s Theme and I’m Freaking Out

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Well what can I say, American Horror Story has dropped yet another huge clue about season 10’s theme and it has everyone guessing! 

Courtesy of American Horror Story

As we all are dreadfully waiting on the official release for season 10’s new theme, the new poster AHS has shared to the public helps fans out at least a little bit. 

Ryan Murphy posted the new clue on his Instagram account and the image is well, frightfully horrifying. 


The image itself depicts an open mouth with rep lipstick and razor-sharp teeth similar to a shark, that’s being examined with what looks like a dentist tool and maybe by a dentist in which he or she is wearing a blue glove. 


Many individuals have suggested what they think the new season will be based upon and many fans have suggested killer mermaids since the last photo included a picture of a beach with a knocked-down fence.


Personally I’m stumped, but all I know is that I cannot wait for next season to arrive and “ouch”, that picture looks painful.


What do you all think next season will look like?

Also, thanks for the hint Ryan Murphy, however could you maybe spill the tea on the official theme for next season soon, thanks in advance!


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