Disney’s Former CEO Has Chosen To Give Up His Entire Salary To Help Employees

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If you love the Walt Disney Company, you’ll love Bob Iger’s heart and soul even more after reading this.

One of the people behind the creativity of Walt Disney is none other than Bob Iger.

Apart from his current role as Executive Chairman, Mr. Iger directed the Company’s creative aspects and was also CEO.

One of his most recent accomplishments was the successful launch of the streaming service Disney+. We can all thank Mr. Iger repeatedly for that accomplishment!

While there are many other accomplishments Mr. Iger has under his belt while working for Walt Disney, his most recent act of kindness will blow your mind.


Mr. Bob Iger is giving away his entire salary while other top executives will be receiving pay cuts to help the company’s employees during this time.

Walt Disney announced the pay-cuts in an email that was sent to employees from CEO Bob Chapek, according to Hollywood Reporter.

Mr. Chapek will have a reduced paycheck by 50% to his base salary.

According to Capek’s email, “Starting April 5, Disney Vice Presidents will have reduced paycheck’s by 20%, while Senior Vice Presidents will drop by 25% and Executive Vice Presidents and above will be drop by 30%.”

Hollywood Reporter

Disney has decided to cut pay checks until “the company foresees a “substantive recovery in our business,” Chapek said in an email.”


Disney has also confirmed the company will still pay employees while their theme parks remain closed.


Mr. Iger certainly deserves a round of applause from me for his generosity during this tough time, and what a beautiful sacrifice it was.


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