This Family Found A Rattlesnake Curled Up On Their Couch After They Were Just Sitting On It

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Imagine sitting on the couch watching TV, and then getting up to get something to eat. You are only gone for ten minutes, but when you return, there is a surprise waiting for you on the couch.

When you walk in the room, you see a huge snake curled up in the spot on the couch you were just sitting in.

It’s not just a huge snake, it’s a freaking rattlesnake.

Not only is it a coiled-up rattlesnake, but it’s making its tell-tale rattle sound — the sound it makes right before it strikes.

That is exactly what happened to one family in Texas.

This Texas family found a rattlesnake coiled up on the couch that they were sitting on just 10 minutes before.

Jacob Gamble and his family were sitting on a couch and watching a basketball game on their outdoor TV.

During a lull in the game, they went inside to stuff their faces with pizza — as we do.

They never imagined that when they went back outside, a huge rattlesnake would be curled up in the same exact spot they had just been sitting in.

Luckily for us, someone had the forethought to grab their phone and roll the video of the snake.

Do not get close to that thing! — Oh my God, dad! Stop!

Jacob Gamble’s Daughter

If it were me, I would have immediately exited the premises, called 9-1-1, and sold the house.

Jacob had another idea. He grabbed a gun and shot the snake. Only in Texas, right?!? LOL!!

I can’t say I blame Mr. Gamble. Better to keep his distance than try to catch the thing.

These nope rope stories are getting a little too frequent for my comfort.

It was just last week that a woman was driving down the road, and felt a snake slithering along her foot on the floorboard of the vehicle.

Pacific Police Department

NOPE!! I would have crashed the vehicle.

Do you have any cool snake stories? Let us know in the comments.

You can see the video of the rattlesnake on the couch HERE.

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