You Can Get a Light-Up Witch That Hangs From the Trunk of Your Trees to Decorate Your for Halloween

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The witches have crashed the party. 

Rather than conjuring up another spell to cast on the human species, this witch is attempting to crash your next Halloween party. 

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While climbing up trees to get an aerial view of your spooky party or dangling on the front of your door to get a closer look inside, this witch is the perfect Halloween decor to hang in your yard. 

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Dressed in purple witch attire with long orange hair and green hands, this witch comes dressed for the costume party she wasn’t invited too.

Including a broomstick for flying just incase she needs to scatter and a hat that holds the darkest spells, this witch also comes equipped with orange string lights so your guests can see what this witch is up to at night. 

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Hanging a little over 3 feet tall, this nosy witch is battery operated so there’s no need to dig out that long extension cord from the basement. 

You can also count on an easy setup when hanging this witch in the front yard considering there are six straps to securely hold the witch in place. 

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As well as being waterproof, this Halloween witch can be used to decorate the pillars in the front of your house or hung on the front door to greet guests. 

So if you dare, here’s where to snag this crazy witch. 

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You can currently find this snooping witch on Amazon this Halloween season!

Although just be careful to not let this witch inside of your home, because who knows what spells she may cast on the party. 

Courtesy of Amazon

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