Starbucks Released A New Studded Matte Pink Tumbler And It’s Gorgeous

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Starbucks just released a Matte Pink Studded Tumbler and it is absolutely gorgeous!

Starbucks is seriously on it’s game with the tumbler and cup designs lately!

You think that you have convinced yourself to buckle down on your budget, then Starbucks goes and releases a new line of cups!


I usually stick to black, it’s just part of my style honestly, but I LOVE this Matte Pink Studded Tumbler!!


I’m not even a pink girl, but something about the matte pink and stud combo… it calls to me!

I really don’t need any more Starbucks cups… But I need this one(How’s that for logic)! I mean everyone collects something right?!


Some people collect snow globes, and I collect Starbucks cups and tumblers!

My grandchildren will thank me one day when I leave my huge collection to them in my will!


This beautiful peachy pink tumbler holds 24oz, which is the equivalent to a venti from Starbucks and costs $19.95.

Perhaps you can break in your new spring tumbler with one of the new Starbucks Spring Drinks!? You can’t go wrong either way, but why not go all out and get spring everything!


Not only are Starbucks tumblers cute and stylish, but they are also better for the environment.

You aren’t just insulating your drink for longer than the traditional disposable cups they come in, but you are also adding less waste to the environment! Win-Win in my opinion!

Now, these cups aren’t available at every Starbucks just yet. But they are said to be available everywhere by the end of the March, some people have been lucky enough to find them early and they seem to mostly be found in the Target Starbucks Cafes.


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  1. How do you get one of these and what is the cost?

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