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Your Kids Can Read-Along With These Disney Princess Bedtime Stories And It Is Magical

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If your kids are into Disney Princesses, then you’ll want to get in on this! There are Disney Princess short stories that you can read along with! Or for younger kiddos, they can watch and listen.

The Disney Princess Read-Alongs are on YouTube and there are quite a few to choose from! Having the words with the narration can help kids learn to read too!


All of the favorite princesses! Jasmine, Ariel, Tiana, and Belle are just a few! These are great from bedtime or any time really!

Even if you just need to take a moment to yourself, just let your kid enjoy a little storytime! Trust me, it is important that you take breaks and this is a great way to do it.

This one is called “Jasmine is my Babysitter”. Jasmine babysits King Abbud’s three children when they visit Agrabah. Jasmin asks the Genie for help to find something that all of the children can enjoy.

Another cute one I watched is called “Bedtime for Gus”. This one features Cinderella and a cute little mouse named Gus. This one is all about bedtime and what to do.

If your kid loves Mulan, then Mushu’s Tale is perfect! This one is another story about bedtime. Perfect for the little ones!

You can find these and more on the Disney Princess Official YouTube Channel. They have a lot of great content up for kids!


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