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People Are Saying Jennifer Lopez Copied Beyoncé During Her Performance At the American Music Awards

Did you see it? JLO performed at the AMAs last night and her performance was on FIRE!

However, a lot of people are not happy about her performance. Not because it wasn’t amazing but because they say she copied Beyoncé’s 2014 Grammys performance.

At first I was like, no way would she copy it but then I watched and compared and holy crap, the similarities are one you can’t ignore.

For starters, JLO is wearing a similar outfit. She also had short hair like Beyonce did and even the dancing and visual effects look similar.

People were NOT having it and began posting on social media saying:


So, what do you think? Did JLO copy Beyonce? Apparently, this has been a thing for many years but it’s the first time I’ve heard of it…

You can check out JLO’s AMAs performance below and be the judge yourself.

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