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Breyer’s Ice Cream Is Now Offering ‘Insurance’ For Your Ice Cream And I’m Both Intrigued And Confused

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Today is National Insurance Day! And along with that, Breyers has decided to join in…

Breyers took the opportunity to join in on the celebration by offering “cookie coverage”, a new policy in celebration of their revamped Cookies & Cream flavor.


Breyers is now guaranteeing 20% more cookies in each tub of their famous Cookies & Cream flavor! So of course, Breyers Cookie Coverage guarantees 100% satisfaction with Breyers Cookies & Cream or the next tub is on them.


Starting today, you can sign up at cookiecoverage.com, where you will automatically receive a 50% offer on your next tub of Breyers Cookies & Cream Ice Cream! This is a $2 coupon value!

You can also receive an official insurance certificate that provides protection on your ice cream. If you are not completely satisfied with the cookie to cream ratio in the updated recipe, just go to cookiecoverage.com and they will ‘cover” you, by allowing you to try another Breyers variety, for free.


The fact that they came out with this on National Insurance Day is actually kind of adorable. It’s a great marketing tool in my opinion. Props to you, Breyers.

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