Samuel L. Jackson’s Voice is Coming to Alexa and I Am So Excited About It

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Amazon’a Alexa just got better!

If you’ve always thought that Amazon’s Alexa needed a new, more humanly voice, you’ll be happy to know that Samuel L. Jackson’s Voice is Coming to Alexa! Truthfully, I am so excited about it.

Amazon announced that later this year they are bringing Samuel L. Jackson’s voice to its smart AI voice program.

His voice will be a guest pack you can purchase for $0.99 and instead of these being pre-recorded messages, it will be AI Alexa can use to mimic his voice to provide all sorts of answers to your burning questions.

In addition, there is supposed to be an explicit voice for him as well in case you’re interested.

I sure hope there is one of him yelling the weather to you. HA.

But if Mr. Jackson isn’t your style, then watch out for the some of the other celebrity voices that will be coming to Alexa sometime this year. In the meantime, make sure you have an Amazon Alexa. You can get one here.

Overall, people seem excited about it and there is even a funny short clip someone made on what we might be able to expect…

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