Starbucks is Selling Pineapple Tumblers in Hawaii and I Am Packing My Bags

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In case you needed another reason to visit Hawaii.

I don’t know about you but I am in need of a serious vacay. I have many reasons to take one but I just got one more and I am finally packing my bags!


Starbucks is Selling Pineapple Tumblers in Hawaii so get ready to book a flight!


These adorable pineapple shaped Starbucks tumblers are exclusive to Hawaii so if you’re lucky enough to visit anytime soon, you can get your hands on one (pick me one up too please!).


These are 16 oz. metal tumblers with a yellow studded base and a green lid with straw.


If someone you know if heading to Hawaii before the end of the year, make sure you ask them to pick up one of these cups for you. Tell them it’s your Christmas gift!


In the meantime, you can grab some Halloween Starbucks cups here and fill them up with our now famous Jack Skellington or Sally Frappuccinos!


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