You Can Get Snowflake Ice Cream Cones From Aldi To Make This Season Extra Special

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How is it that Aldi is rocking all the new and cool things this year?! Go you, I guess. I normally don’t shop at Aldi, but after everything I have been seeing, I may have to start!


This season, they have released some amazing items for Christmas and this one is definitely my favorite, especially for the kiddos!


You can get Snowflake Cones! These adorable ice cream cones are shaped like snowflakes at the top. How cute is that!


Not to mention, these are raspberry and cream flavored and come with chocolate coated waffle cones. It’s completed with raspberry sauce and sugar sprinkles! It just gets better!


And you get 4 cones for $3.49! That isn’t bad at all! Be sure to run to Aldi and snag some while these are still around, because winter is upon us and it won’t be long before these melt away!


If you have tried these, let us know what you think!


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