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You Can Get An Animated Christmas Train That Rides Around Your Christmas Tree

There is something pretty classic and iconic about a Christmas Train.

It just conjures up thoughts of snowy winter evenings, speeding down the tracks, as smoke billows out the smokestack. Perhaps a warm mug of hot chocolate being enjoyed in the dining car.

This holiday season, you can get a Christmas Train that attaches to and circles the middle of your Christmas tree, and it’s absolutely glorious.

You can also choose to set this Christmas Train up around the base of your Christmas tree.

It will circle your wrapped gifts and welcome in the Christmas holiday.


This 14-inch-long train has 3 cars — The engine, a Christmas cargo car, and a passenger car.

It will chug along the track while making real train sounds.

The 42-inch diameter train will fit around most artificial Christmas trees, or will set up perfectly around the base of your tree.


Totally easy to set up, this Christmas Train comes with the clamp and arm you will need to attach it to your tree, or simply set the track on the ground so it can do its thing under your Christmas tree.

It also needs 3 ‘AA’ batteries, but they aren’t included. So, plan accordingly.

You can get ‘AA’ batteries HERE to make your life much easier.


This gorgeous Christmas Train is only $90, and can be set up year after year — maybe becoming your new Christmas family tradition.

To get your own Animated Christmas Train, head on over to the Target website.