These Homecoming Mums Are Texas Sized And You Have To Check Them Out

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Ah, Homecoming. It’s a big deal at schools around the United States. Of course, it’s an even bigger deal in Texas … literally.

In Texas, students wear “mums” to celebrate the festivities. You know mums … short for chrysanthemums.


Only, like everything in Texas, it’s go big or go home!

What started in the 70’s as a pretty flower, with a few pretty ribbons hanging down, given to a girl by their homecoming sweetheart, has morphed into decorations of monstrous proportions.


Now, I went to school in Texas … a few years ago … and I thought the mums were big then.


Always done up in school colors, the lucky people even got little teddy bears attached to the artificial mum flower(s), while others had cutesy figurines that made them stand out among the masses of other mum-wearing students.


I remember my senior date spending over $200 on my mum, and I was floored.

That, my friends, was only child’s play compared to what they wear now!

What students are wearing now are nothing short of billboards professing the homecoming season.


Don’t get me wrong, while some can be a bit on the gaudy side, all are beautiful.


Now, the mum can relate to anything from their school’s awesomeness, to their favorite movie, band, hobbies, activities, etc.


They can even relate to what class a student is in!


What was once saved especially for a student’s homecoming date, they are now worn by everyone.


Parents have them made for their kids, siblings make them for each other, people buy their own, or friends can get them for their friends.


Some even come complete with lights and music!


Not to be left out, the dudes also get their own version … the boutonniere … worn around one of their arms.


Even little kids get in on the action!


There are some students who want to take it back old school, bring it back to a simpler time when the mum was a pretty accessory, instead of the main event.


However you choose to wear it, the mum is a fun tradition that will, without a doubt, continue on for years to come.


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