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‘Mushroom Skulls’ Are The Hot New Food Trend For Halloween and It Is So Cool, It’s Scary

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Sometimes getting our kids to eat their vegetables is so scary, it’s like pulling teeth.

Well, all of that is about to change because ‘Mushroom Skulls’ are the new way to serve up vegetables and make them look scary good.

With Halloween nearing, I can’t think of a better time to make Mushroom Skulls and honestly, they are almost too cool to eat!

The best part is, they are so easy to make. You just need mushrooms, a knife and a few minutes of your time.

Once your Mushroom Skulls are made, you can eat them as-is or add them on top of Pizza’s, sandwiches and even stick them inside soups.

People are using White Button Mushrooms to make these since those are puffy and bigger to work with.

To make the mushroom skulls, you simply slice mushrooms in half.

You can then use a straw to make two holes for the eyes.

Next, use the pointy end of a skewer to scrape the nose and teeth on the stem. You can also use a paring knife to do this.

And that’s it! You can then top any food with these Mushroom Skulls!

Seriously, these are going to be awesome and perfect for any Halloween recipe!

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