Elf On The Shelf Is Completely Ridiculous

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Whoever thought up Elf On The Shelf was either the meanest most evil or caring most loving person on the planet. There is no in between.

I get it, it’s Christmas time, and we all want to give our kids a magical time to remember, but Elf of The Shelf is just too much. I mean, come on– we already put out cookies and carrots, make reindeer footprints in the snow, and give some supernatural being all the credit for our hard work. But now we have to spend the ENTIRE MONTH OF DECEMBER trying to remember to move our elves, scouring the internet for Elf on The Shelf Ideas,¬†forgetting to move our elf, and then making excises for why he forgot to head back to the North Pole to report on our every move.

Ugh, y’all– it’s SO CREEPY. This elf is supposed to be Santa’s eyes and ears? If you ask me, he’s already peepin’ down the chimney and kissing mommy, he doesn’t also need a thorough update on the goings-on of my family every day.

There’s so much pressure on us to make Christmas Pinterest perfect. People started putting up their trees before Halloween. Why are we doing this to ourselves? I want everyone to stop and think back to Christmas as a kid. Do you remember the months and months your tree was up? Some super special elf?

No! You remember CHRISTMAS DAY. Running into the living room, seeing what is under the tree and spending the entire day playing, enjoying family, and living it up with your new cabbage patch care bear ponies. So WHY are we dragging out this facade out over the whole month? WHY are we making things more difficult than we have to be? Do we really think blue milk or marshmallow fishing in the sink is going to make or break Christmas?

Guys, I promise it won’t. Instead of spending your nights stringing dental floss across the ceiling for a zipline or creating a trapeze act full of stuffed circus animals and a ringmaster elf– spend it watching a Christmas movie instead. Do something FOR YOURSELF.

Because a happy mom is EXACTLY what you want your kids to remember about this holiday.

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  1. I love creating elf on the shelf scenes. I love my daughters sweet giggle and excitement to find and discover him every day. The only thing I dont like is how I have to do it late at night when I’m tired

  2. I used to work with one of the women who came up with the Elf on a Shelf idea, back when she was still a 6th grade teacher. I can confirm that she is well intentioned, but I have to admit to not understanding the phenomenon.

    I’m constantly amazed at how big that enterprise has gone!!! I had heard Chanda talk about her family’s elf story early on. I just kind of figured it would be something that would be big in and around Atlanta. The fact that it’s gotten so popular is mind-boggling!!

  3. Amen to Elf on the Shelf! And, if pro Elfness, why such a creepy ugly looking elf?
    I like your reality check on the “To Do” List…


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