Will We See Another Round Of Stimulus Checks? Here’s What We Know.

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Hopefully, you’ve already gotten your stimulus check. If not, you will most likely get it in the mail. Hopefully sooner rather than later, AMIRITE?

If you are thinking that $1200 isn’t going to sustain your pockets for very long, you aren’t alone, my friend.

So many Americans are now out of work, and yet, the bills keep coming in.

People are clamoring for more, enough to get them through to the end of this time of quarantine.

Lawmakers have heard our cries, and they are taking our situation into careful consideration.

President Trump has said “We could very well do a second round of direct (payments) — It is absolutely under serious consideration.”

Hopefully they aren’t just the pretty words we all want to hear.

Even Nancy Pelosi has said that she is not opposed to the idea of giving Americans more money.

The amount of money that will potentially come in a second round of stimulus checks is not known or even speculated on fully at this point.

Democratic Congressmen Ro Khanna of California and Tim Ryan of Ohio are proposing that the government pay $2,000 a month for up to 12 months to Americans over age 16.

Yahoo Finance

Before you start jumping for joy, they are just PROPOSING this amount. What will actually come of the discussion, we will have to see.

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  1. You wanna help some of us. Wipe out what people owe on back taxes. Start us back to zero. Now thats a fresh start are what some people need and would really help

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