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Here’s Why Teachers Ask For So Many Boxes of Facial Tissue

You can truly never have enough facial tissue. Especially while at school.

If you are anything like me, you’ve been frantically running around to get those last-minute school supplies and on the top of the priority list – facial tissues.

Personally, I opted for that giant box from Costco because can you really ever have enough? I mean teachers in general ask for several boxes of facial tissues per class.

Have you ever wondered why teachers ask for so many boxes of facial tissue?

Well, turns out, it’s because they need them for more than just their homerooms. Other teachers need them too.

Not to mention areas such as the main office, nurses office, the schools library, computer lab, etc.

Every August school starts and if we are lucky, we have a few months before the cold weather hits. And with the cold weather comes cold and flu season.

And if you know anything about a cold, you know that you go through a TON of facial tissues because they are so much softer than regular toilet paper.

With that being said, between teachers having to buy a lot of their own school supplies and the huge demand for facial tissues, schools can never have enough.

Some teachers or classes cannot afford them or at least afford to keep up with how many they need.

In fact, a survey conducted concluded that:

On average, K-6 teachers go through 37 boxes of tissues each school year – about a box a week – and 24 rolls of paper towels during the school year.

The survey also concluded:

48% of K-6 teachers anticipate spending more of their own money for school supplies than they did last year.

Bottom line is, schools go through a LOT of tissue and it can certainly add up throughout the year.

This is something certainly worth keeping in mind and when you can, donate a ton of facial tissues to your classrooms and schools because they can truly never have enough.