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E.T. And Elliot Reunited After 37 Years And I Can’t Stop Crying

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Grab the box of tissues because Comcast Xfinity just released a new commercial with E.T. and Grown-Up Elliot and it is going to make you ball like a BABY watching it.

I know because it made me cry…


The over 4-minute commercial shows E.T. arriving to Elliot’s home to visit only, this time, Elliot is a grown man and has a family of his own.

Elliot’s kids come outside to find E.T. and are first startled by the discovery of him until Elliot runs to hug E.T.

It then shows Elliot and his family enjoying the holidays with E.T. while the two friends share several moments of awe with each other.

It ends just like the original where E.T. rides off into the night on a bicycle only to “phone home” and then return on his ship.

This right here brings back so many memories… AHHHH

The entire thing from start to finish will make all your childhood memories flash before your eyes.

If you spend any time online today, let is be spent watching the commercial below. Again, bring the tissues, you’re going to need them…

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  1. i laughed, i cried i got goosebumps, one of the best right up there with the Bud Weiser’s commercials. A great message at the end “reconnect” with the way the world is now maybe it sunk in.

  2. Best commercial ever (along with Budweiser’s 9-11 commercial). Tears both times.

  3. It’s “bawling” like a baby. “Balling” is, er, something else.

  4. Absolutely delightful !! I must admit had a tear drop or two.

  5. I really wish he would make a sequel, maybe this is a preview to check public response. I hope so, this is awesome!