There Are Fluffy Blacknose Sheep You Can Own As A Pet and They Are Adorable

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When you think of sheep, you might be thinking of fluffy, white animals who smile all the time.

However, blacknose sheep exist and this herd of sheep might even fool you for a small baby calf, if calves were only a bit fluffier that is.

Courtesy of @aging_ethically

You can find this type of sheep in Switzerland, specifically the Valais region and similar to others of their kind, these types of sheep are bred for meat, fur coat and very personable around humans, which is it makes sense that these animals would be such a good pet to have around, if you have a lot of farm land of course.

Dubbed the cutest sheep in the world, the difference between these sheep and the ones you might find on a farm down the street in the states are the numerous black spots all over their bodies including the nose, face, ears, legs, and feet.

So if you just so happen to be taking a trip to Switzerland just to see a blaknose lamb or sheep, we wouldn’t blame you because these little lambs are absolutely adorable and worth every Instagram capture!

Courtesy of @l_sklenarik

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  1. Can they bought here in the states? They are precious.

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