TikTok Just Launched A New Feature That Can Help You Put More Money Into Your Pocket

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TikTok Just Launched A New Feature That Can Help You Put More Money Into Your Pocket So it’s worth taking note…

You can now upload a video resume with the TikTok Resume feature — and this could be the start of a new way for employers to find and hire you!

This is a pilot program, which means it is super new, and it is currently being tested out.

There are currently about 3 dozen employers that use the resume feature, and they are all pretty big names.

According to the New York Post, Abercrombie & Fitch, Target, Chipotle, Meredith Corporation, ATTN, and PopSugar all use the resume platform — and of course, TikTok is also using the platform to recruit new hires for their open positions as well.

For the first round of hiring that TikTok is piloting, you need to upload and apply by July 31st in order to be considered for a position.

Don’t worry, TikTok has uploaded a video of do’s and don’ts when it comes to submitting your video resume. They also have a bunch of sample resumes, so you can see what other people are doing.

They say to let your personality shine through, but you want to avoid giving out your last name, address, or personal information on your general resume video.

At the time that you actually apply for the job, you will give the prospective company your personal information.

When you make your resume video, you want to use TikTok features and tools that will help enhance the video.

You want to leave your resume video up for about a month. That gives recruiters and businesses time to view your video.

You want to highlight your passions and talents, and avoid anything negative in your video.

They also suggest that you don’t play background music too loud — you want your personality to shine through and be the star of the video, not your soundtrack.

You can check out the TikTok Resume feature HERE.

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