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Airheads Xtreme Sour Candy Made A Chicken Sandwich Complete With An Airheads Bun And I Am So Confused

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I have no words.

Airheads — yes, the tasty sweet yet sour candy — made a chicken sandwich, and the bun is made of ACTUAL Airheads rainbow candy.


Lest you think this is a joke, this sandwich was, in fact, a real thing. It was featured at Frances’ Deli & Brunchery, a restaurant in Chicago as a tribute to National Fried Chicken Day.


The “Airheads Candy Chicken Sandy” — as they lovingly dubbed this crazy concoction — was available only for a day, but that is all it took for people to lose their minds over this colorful creation.

I mean, we have all heard about the Chick-fil-A / Popeye’s chicken sandwich war — I’m team Chick-fil-A all day!! — but apparently we now need to add the Airheads Candy Chicken Sandy to the mix.


I just might have to pass on this particular chicken sandwich. *Cringe*

Now, I’m not going to deny that the Airheads Chicken Sandy was a beautiful thing to behold.


The bun was made of sparkly Airheads Xtremes candy belts that had been fused together.

The innards actually sound delicious. The sandwich featured fried chicken and pickles, but they one-upped the fast food restaurants by adding coleslaw and spicy mayo to the mix.


Now, if I could just have that on a REGULAR bun, it would be all good!!

Can you imagine how chewy this Airheads Chicken Sandy must be?!?


Airheads Candy defended their chicken sandwich colab in the most logical way possible.

Before the moon landing, there was no moon landing. It was the first time anybody ever landed on it. So there’s some precedent of people not ever doing something before and then suddenly doing the thing they never did.

Craig Cuchra, VP of Marketing for Perfetti Van Melle North America

If you are wanting to try this sweet and savory creation out on your taste buds, you just may have to try to make it yourself.

[We have] no plans to sell this special Airheads bun, but people are welcome to use their own stash of Airheads candy to create their own chicken sandy.

Representative from Airheads

So there you have it — something you NEVER thought you’d see — a chicken sandwich made with an Airheads Candy bun.

Clever or catastrophically bad — you decide!!

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