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Move Over Whipped Coffee, You Can Now Make A Whipped Nutella Drink And I Think I’m In Love

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I just had to let out my pants two inches after finding this on Instagram, and I’m just fine with that!

Whipped Nutella is worth EVERY BIT of whatever catastrophic results occur to my waistline. *I joke. Everything in moderation, my friends.

Courtesy of sweetportfolio on Instagram

You thought the Dalgona Coffee — Whipped Coffee — was good. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

This drink is GREAT for those that don’t prefer a coffee drink. It is milk based, so no yucky coffee up in THIS drink!

Courtesy of sweetportfolio on Instagram

All you need is a tablespoon of Nutella and about 1/3 a cup of Heavy Whipping Cream.

I’d use a BIT less Whipping Cream, but that’s just me. I’d take it down to a spoonful of Nutella, and 2-3 Tablespoons of Heavy Whipping Cream.


You mix the concoction with milk anyway! You don’t NEED all that Heavy Whipping Cream.

Here’s How You Make Whipped Nutella

Put the Nutella in a mug or mixing bowl. Add the Heavy Whipping Cream to that same mug or mixing bowl.

Beat the snot out of the mixture, until it forms stiff peaks — you know, like whipped cream.

Courtesy of sweetportfolio on Instagram

Fill a glass 1/2 way with cold milk, and put the Whipped Nutella on top.

Courtesy of sweetportfolio on Instagram

OMG! It is so good.

But, here is the BEST part. If you LIKE coffee — like me — you can just add a bit of Nutella to your Dalgona Coffee Mixture. Easy Peasy.

OR — and this is what I do almost daily — make your Whipped Nutella, and add it to the top of a mug full of hot coffee. It’s life changing and you’re welcome!

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