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Disney Parks May Remain Closed Until 2021. Here Is What We Know.

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I’m going to put on my Mickey ears, make a Dole Whip, put on my favorite Disney Movie — Inside Out — and have a good cry.

Analysis shows that ALL Disney Parks may stay closed until 2021.

This is bleak news, as the world sits in quarantine from this unprecedented virus that has ravaged the world.

Disney closed their doors (all of them) in Mid-March, with the plans to reopen as soon as this mess was over.


But now, it appears this virus may hang around a bit longer than we anticipated, and Disney might stay closed for 18 months — or more.

That timeline would seem to tie in with predictions by the scientific community that a coronavirus vaccine will take some 18 months to develop, and even then social distancing rules will remain in place until it is proved effective. 


I might need a hug.

Y’all think WE have it bad, not being able to take our vacations to The Most Magical — or Happiest — Place on Earth, just think of all the Cast Members who have effectively lost their jobs. This impact is beyond devistating.


Some online booking companies are starting to book vacations as soon as June. But, is this jumping the gun just a bit? I’d be very careful booking a vacation that early. Wait and see how this plays out, first.


There is NOTHING WORSE than booking a fun vacation, looking forward to it, doing a daily countdown to “Go Time”, only to have that vacation ripped out from under you.

I can tell you one thing: There is going to be one heck of a Disney Party once this whole thing is over, and they open their doors once again!


Mainstreet will be flooded with happy Mouseketeers rejoicing that they finally get to come “Home.”


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