You Can Get A Christmas Decoration That Makes It Look Like The Grinch Is Hopping Over Your Fence

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Personally, I’m going HAM on my Christmas decorations this year because let’s face it, 2020 has been rough and before we ring in the new year I’d like to end it with an extravagant Christmas showcase.

Now personally I think decorating inside your home is much easier than the outside. The Christmas tree alone always takes up most of the space and as long as you include some sort of Christmas lights and stockings above the fireplace, you’ve got yourself a beautiful Christmas layout.

However regarding this year, I want more than just Christmas lights lighting up my front yard and Etsy has just the thing I was looking for.

Have you ever heard of fence peekers?

Well they’re basically decorations for your fence and guess what, there’s even a Grinch fence peeker for the holidays and it makes total sense since the Grinch is constantly sneaking around to steal Christmas presents.

Courtesy of SharLouCreation

Currently on Etsy, you can get yourself a Grinch Fence Peeker from SharLouCreations for $200 and it’s just the thing you need if you’re looking for something big to cover a lot of space!

Courtesy of SharLouCreation

Let’s face it, we all need more Christmas cheer this year to block out 2020 and we can do that by decorating more so than ever this year.

Courtesy of SharLouCreation

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