My iPhone Stops Working Correctly Each Time A New Phone Releases And It’s Getting Old

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Let it be known, I was never a big iPhone person to start with. I never kept up with the latest and greatest, was always models behind others, and just wanted something that worked. And then I got married.

As soon as we got married, my husband wanted me to switch to an iPhone so we could be on a family plan together and have the same stuff, yada yada. So I switched from my trusty Android and discovered the world of Apple.

I have to say, I enjoyed it…at first. But being the person I am, I didn’t want to get the new version EVERY SINGLE TIME. They have new phones every two seconds.

So rather than trading in for each new version like my husband did, I wanted to use mine until it essentially died. But I learned quickly that it isn’t really possible to do that with iPhones.

EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. There is a new iPhone, mine just mysteriously starts messing up. BAD. In fact, my current iPhone 11 pro acts like we’re at a rave and starts giving me strobe lights for a few seconds each time I turn it on.

It also randomly shuts off, freezes up, the audio stops working, honestly the list goes on and on. And this happens with EVERY SINGLE UPDATE. Why? Like seriously, why?

We’re already spending thousands on your dang products. They shouldn’t have an expiration date just because you added a new camera or color to your line up. Seriously Apple. I despise you.

I am currently trying to convince my husband to switch to Android while he is trying to convince me to just get the new update. I just know this is getting old. And the fact that Apple knows they can get away with it is disgusting. Let me know your thoughts below.

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  1. …everytime I pay off my Android, coindentally it stops working.

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