Starbucks Released A Glass Candy Cane Mug Just In Time For The Holidays

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Ahhhh you guys!! I had no idea this cup was being released!

While Starbucks gave us a preview of their holiday cups, this cup was NOT on the list. It is a glass mug with a candy cane handle (much like the one from last year with glitter in the handle).


This year the cup is a clear glass mug with white glitter in the handle and red stripe wrapped around it to resemble a candy cane.

Kaoru Yamamoto/Leaf Rakers Society

Keep in mind these cups are usually low in supply and go fast every year. So, if you want one, hit up your local Target to find one.

Melissa Plakio/Leaf Rakers Society

These cups are usually priced at $9.95 so plan your budget accordingly!

I NEED this cup in my life. It’s too cute not to have!

Amanda Mayhugh/Leaf Rakers Society

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