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You Can Get A Turkey Hat That Lights Up To Wear To Your Next Holiday Party

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It’s time to bust out that ugly Christmas sweater, because we have found the PERFECT hat to go with it this Holiday season!

Not only would this make the PERFECT gag gift for one of your besties, it would be totally fun to show up wearing this hat to a fun family or work Thanksgiving get together.

This hat is a Turkey — but it lights up!! All you have to do is stick 2 AA batteries in the little battery pack, and then turn on the magic.

How fun is that?!? Everyone will be super jealous of your fun festive Holiday hat!

GET SILLY: Ditch the boring Santa hat this year for something a little more unique with this hilarious plush turkey hat.
FESTIVE DECOR: For even more pizzazz, this hat lights up with battery powered string lights so you’re the life of the party.


Wouldn’t this make the most PERFECT hat for the Holiday chef du jour? Whether you’re grilling up dinner, slaving over a stove, or even giving that microwave a workout, make it fun by sporting this Turkey hat.

I recently wore this to work for crazy hat day. It was surprisingly comfortable and I was able to wear if for an eight hour day while treating patients without any incidents. I was worried that having a battery pack on my head would get warm after a while, but I didn’t notice anything unusual while wearing it.

NoCrueltyBeauty on Amazon Reviews
Courtesy of Stacy Rush on Amazon Reviews

This Turkey hat is a super soft, plush style hat, with a large opening to fit most heads. People are saying that the hat does stay on better when they use bobby pins to keep it in place, but you can totally wear it without them.

Courtesy of Sylvia on Amazon Reviews

The hat came in the mail looking awesome. It requires two AA batteries. Once I had it all together it looked great! My daughter thinks I’m ridiculous with it on. I plan on picking her up at the high school today with it on.

Chriscbc on Amazon Reviews
Courtesy of T Rosa on Amazon Reviews

You can get this fun Turkey Holiday Hat right on the Amazon website. It will set you back $17, and will be the most exciting thing you put on your head this Holiday season. Ha!

If you want another fun Holiday addition, you have to check out this stuffed Turkey from Build-A-Bear Workshop. It is so cute!!

Courtesy of Build-A-Bear Workshop

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