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Starbucks Released A Black and White Studded Tumbler with A Matching Striped Straw and It Is Everything

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Total Jack Skellington vibes…


Man, I am loving the vibes this cup is giving off… it’s gothic and chic meet Jack Skellington.

Starbucks released a black and white studded tumbler with a matching striped straw and honestly, it’s everything missing from my life.


The white studded part seems to have a shimmer like a rainbow iridescent sheer to it while the black studded part of the lid is shiny too. It then has a black and white striped straw to match.

Once again, this cup proves that other countries get the best cups because you cannot currently find this in US Starbucks locations.

This was originally released in the Philippines.

Fortunately, people are selling these online at a higher price in case you just NEED it in your life.


You can get the Starbucks Black and White Studded Tumbler online starting August 15, 2022. Check eBay and Poshmark for them starting then.

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