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Bomb Pop Released Ice Pops That Combines Three Crush Soda Flavors In Each Frozen Treat

The original Bomb Pop is commonly known for their red, white and blue stacked ice pops.

Courtesy of @originalbombpop

The patriotic ice pop instantly unlocks classic summer memories that only this brand can replicate; for example, sticky fingers after finishing the ice pop and stained white t-shirts after licking the red and blue flavors.

Courtesy of @originalbombpop

The common frozen treat is stepping away from their original bar and introducing a new flavor with a popular soda brand.

Courtesy of @fourbrosicecream

Introducing Bomb Pop Crush ice pops that combine three Crush soda flavors in one frozen sweet treat.

Courtesy of @foodiewiththebeasts

The three colored ice pops starts with grape at the top, strawberry in the middle, and orange at the bottom!

Courtesy of Instacart

Beginning today April 19th, you can grab a frozen box of Crush flavored Bomb Pops for a suggested retail price of $3.49 for 12 frozen treats!

You can find the new bright blue box in the freezer aisle at a handful of grocery retailers nationwide.

Courtesy of Walmart

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