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You Can Get An Ornament That Projects Snowflakes Onto Your Door So You Can Light Up The Night This Christmas

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You can get a Christmas Projection Ornament that will light up your porch, front room, or wherever you choose to put it.


Have y’all seen those projection lights that people shine on the front of their houses for Christmas? I am a big fan!!

I can’t always get to putting up lights — let’s get real, I’ve never put up lights — but I sure can stick a projector in my front yard and decorate my house with a different kind of light!

You know, those projectors come on a stake, and you stab it into the soft soil in your yard. It’s super easy.

This projection Christmas ornament shines those same glowing lights (colorful snowflakes), but you don’t even have to put a big projector in your yard.


Projection creates dazzling holiday lighting instantly for maximum impact with minimal effort. Featuring grand mosaic of moving lights. Lightshow displays magical lighting almost anywhere. 


You simply hang it from any ceiling, and the colorful light show will bounce off the surrounding walls.


Use it on indoor or outdoor surfaces, including exterior or interior walls, living spaces, front doors, porches, garage doors, fences, trees and shrubs. Perfect for indoor or outdoor Christmas decorations, parties and celebrations, or creating an eye-catching focal point. 


This ornament is weather-resistant. It should do fine in the light rain or snow — but if you get anything heavier, make sure you turn it off and disconnect it


Lightshow uses advanced LED technology, not laser technology. And yes, Lightshow is absolutely safe to use. The lights are very bright, however, so we never recommend that you shine them directly into your eyes. .


This projection ornament plugs into any standard outlet, and will shine on anything up to 20 feet away.

You can get this Christmas Projection Ornament from the Walmart website.


It will only run you about 20 bucks, and just might be the easiest decoration you hang this holiday season.

Looking for another fun Christmas decoration for your yard?


Check out this 26 Foot Inflatable Santa. I think you can see him from space. LOL!!


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