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Apparently, You’ve Been Eating Popsicles Wrong Your Entire Life

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Popsicles are a summertime staple, heck in my house they are always stocked all year long.

I especially love bomb pops and the ‘Flavor Ice style pops are a quick second… you know the ones in the plastic sleeve…

Shelby Brazzell

They’re cheap and all of the kids enjoy them… there is only one thing I dislike and that is sticky scissors from cutting them open.

But thanks to TikTok I learned that I have been doing it wrong my entire life!

You’re probably asking yourself “Wrong?” because I am sure you also cut them open with scissors, turns out we don’t need the scissors at all!

Shelby Brazzell

A TikTok user by the name of Shelby Brazzell posted her popsicle hack to TikTok and she quickly went viral.

Shelby Brazzell

Many people duetted her video attempting her trick, some pulled it off and others failed.

Her popsicle hack is simply breaking the popsicle in half so that you have two popsicles!

Shelby Brazzell

For those that failed she posted some tips saying that you need to make sure the popsicles are frozen all of the ways and also to break it on the seam with a quick movement.

Shelby Brazzell

Some people that failed the first time attempted it again using her tips and the majority nailed it!

You can watch her TikTok video here!

Shelby Brazzell

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