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Mountain Dew’s Halloween Mystery Flavor For This Year Has Been Leaked

It’s barely the beginning of summer and pictures of Mountain Dew’s VooDew Halloween soda for next year have been leaked on social media.

Similar to their other VooDew flavors, Mountain Dew keeps you guessing on what flavor they will concoct come Halloween.

Courtesy of @x_otaku_ninja_x

In past years, Mountain Dew has managed to create candy corn and fruity candy explosion Halloween flavors, which means this year’s taste might have something to do with candy.

Or is that what they want us to think?

Courtesy of @u/AdmiralOink4

Along with the flavor change, Mountain Dew has created a new color scheme that’s wrapped around the bottle consisting of an ice blue instead of the usual purple and red packaging.

Courtesy of @dadbodsnacks

Since images of next year’s flavor are already out and about, let the guessing game begin!

Courtesy of @u/AdmiralOink4

Keep in mind that while the handful of photos consisting of Mountain Dew’s possible next VooDew soda certainly gets us in the mood for spooky season, there’s no confirmation that this bottle will officially release just yet!

Courtesy of @u/Flash_Point52