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Prince William Was Named The ‘Sexiest Bald Man Alive’ And People Have Thoughts

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Prince William was just voted the Sexiest Bald Man Alive, and people’s reactions may not be what you’d expect.

I’m going to go ahead and say, “Seriously. You can’t think of any sexier bald men?”

There’s nothing wrong with Prince William. He’s a great guy.

But, sexiest bald man? Seriously?

Choosing the Sexiest Bald Man Alive was actually pretty involved.

According to Reboot — the agency to declare Prince William the Sexiest Bald Man Alive — they based the winner on Google searches for bald men with the words “shirtless” or “naked.”

They also looked at things like Net Worth, Height, Vocal Attractiveness, and Shine Factor — all having NOTHING to do with being bald.

Prince William comes in at number 1, but who else is on this Sexiest Bald Man Alive list?

Who Made The List For Sexiest Bald Man Alive?

Vin Diesel comes in at number 2. Hmmmm. Interesting.

Michael Jordan comes in at number 3.

Actor, Jason Statham joins the list as the fourth Sexiest Bald Man Alive.

Samuel L. Jackson scores fifth place on this prestigious hot baldy list.

Number 6 has me scratching my head just a bit — Jeff Bezos. I’m not kidding.

Like, who the hell is searching for a naked Jeff Bezos?

Next up? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson hits the list at number 7, followed by Shemar Moore and Shaq.

Terry Crews completes the Sexiest Bald Man Alive list at number 10.

I can think of a few people that got shafted. Chris Meloni? Bruce Willis?

Hell, I’d even put Patrick Stewart above Prince William — but that’s just me. I’m into the older dudes.

I’m definitely not alone in thinking that perhaps there might have been a few better choices for the Sexiest Bald Man Alive.

People have pretty strong opinions about who they think should have been included on this list.

What do you think about Prince William being the Sexiest Bald Man Alive?

Who gets your vote?

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