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Zac Efron Will Be Starring In A Disney+ Remake Of ‘Three Men And A Baby’

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One of my favorite movies from the 1980s is being remade, and Zac Efron *Swoon* is going to be playing the lead.

Three Men and a Baby first hit theaters back in 1987, and it was so insanely good! It starred Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson, and it was dang near perfect. 

If you haven’t seen it, I’ll wait. Go watch it! It’s on Disney+ right now.


According to Comicbook.com, Three Men and a Baby was the first Disney live-action film to make over $1 million domestic dollars at the box office — and I was at least $20 of that.


But, it was just announced that Disney+ is planning an original remake of the film, and they have cast Zac Efron as the title character. So, of course, I’ll be ready and waiting to watch it!

There is reportedly already a script, but there isn’t yet a director tied to the project.

There is, however, a producer — Gordon Gray — so things are moving right along for this project to come to fruition.


No word yet on when we might expect to see this remake, but I’m hoping it is SOON!!


This, of course, is not the FIRST time that Zac Efron has played in a live-action Disney film. He played Troy Bolton in all three renditions of High School Musical.


He has also been in MANY projects through the years, and you can bet I’ve seen them all — 17 Again, The Lorax, Entourage, Neighbors, The Greatest Showman, and Baywatch (the movie) are but a few.


If you weren’t aware, Zac has a show on Netflix right now — Down To Earth — and it is fantastic. It will change the way you view and treat the environment around you.

Courtesy of Netflix

We will let you know when we get any new news on the new Three Men and a Baby project.


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