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You Can Get Your Elf on the Shelf Cute Little Couture Outfits To Add To That Christmas Magic

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It’s official people!

Time to break out that dang adorable Elf on the Shelf, and start your yearly obligation fun of finding new and exciting nightly adventures for the little scamp to get himself into.

Now, your Elf on the Shelf can play in style, because you can get Elf Couture (those are fun outfits for the little guy) to give your Elf a style all his own.

You have to admit. These Elf Couture outfits are pretty fun!

You can change up your Elf’s style based on his mood and what mischief he chooses to participate in while your kiddos sleep.

Maybe your Elf wants to bake up some cookies for your kids to decorate.

He (or she) can do that!!

Y’all, they have Elf Dresses and Elf Pajamas for your favorite scout that are so deliciously cute, they will definitely help put you in that Elf moving mood — or make your job just a bit easier.


You also have to check out these cute-as-a-button Sweet Treat T-Shirts for your Elf.

Your kids will love them, and so will you, quite honestly. They are adorbs!!

These outfits won’t break the bank either!!

Each outfit set runs about $11 to $15, and you will want to get them all.

To get your Elf on the Shelf his own Elf Couture Outfits, simply head on over to the Amazon website.

While you’re thinking about fun Elf memories to make this Christmas, you have to check out this Shrinkable Elf Letters to Santa Set.

They are so easy to make, and your kids will be making core Christmas memories.


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