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Starbucks Releases A Floppy Bunny Mug Just in Time for Easter

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Thanks to Starbucks, stocking our loved one’s Easter basket just got entirely easier.

So move over the chocolate bunnies, put aside the Reese’s cups, and simply take out those Easter egg chocolates (okay wait, at least leave three) because Starbuck’s latest tumbler creation needs room to earn the spotlight in our Easter baskets this year.

Thanks to the mermaid coffee shop, you can now stuff an entire Easter themed mug in your colorful holiday baskets for close friends, family or loved ones.

Shaped like a yes, you probably guessed it, an Easter bunny, this newest tumbler might just be the most adorable tumbler to sip our morning coffee.

Decorated in white with small grey eyes, this tumbler focuses on the finer details as you might have noticed the small golden constellations on either side of the bunny, a button nose, two floppy ears, four legs, and a bushy tail.

Courtesy of eBay

Perfect to give to wrap as a gift for Easter or to keep to yourself (we won’t tell anyone), sip on your morning coffee before work or even use the mug as decor to stuff chocolate candies in!

Courtesy of eBay

You can snag the floppy Easter bunny tumbler from Starbucks on eBay for $24 this Easter holiday!

Courtesy of eBay

Oh, and to our readers, have a very happy Easter!

Courtesy of eBay

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