Tesla Has Recalled Every Single Cybertruck and Why Am I Not Surprised?

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When I first saw the recall, I assumed it was because the Tesla Cybertrucks are hideous… sorry not sorry. You know it’s true.

But in reality, the Tesla Cybertrucks are being recalled due to a safety issue. There is an issue with the accelerator pedals and they need to be fixed.

Honestly, why am I not surprised by this?

Image credit: Tesla, Inc.

The pedals could stick and cause an unintentional acceleration in the vehicle and that could be dangerous.

There is a pad attached to the pedal that can dislodge and get trapped by the trim on the interior of the vehicle. This means that it can get stuck in acceleration, even after you release the pressure on the pedal.

Image credit: Tesla, Inc.

You may be wondering what created this issue, I was… well, the answer is soap. Soap caused the issue.

Soap was used as a lubricant to help place the pads on the accelerator pedal. But, this was an unapproved method and the residue left by the soap is what caused the issue with the pad slipping off.

3,878 vehicles are affected by the recall. These vehicles were manufactured between November 13th, 2023, and April 4th. 2024.

The good news is, they are repairing “free of charge”, you know… to fix their screw-up. Congrats I guess? I’m a bit shocked that there was even a possibility that consumers would have to pay to have this repaired.

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