You Can Watch This Rooster And Dog Play A Game Of Tag And I’m Dying Laughing

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We’re all familiar with the classic game of tag, am I right? Well, have you ever seen a dog and a rooster play the common running game we all participated in as children?

This is a must see video and if you need a good laugh today, this is the way to go!

Courtesy of Tammy Sattler

@Tammy.Sattler16, uploaded a video of her dog and rooster chasing each other in the yard and I’ve never seen a hen run so fast in my life!


You would think a dog would without a doubt outrun a rooster, but I have to say, this hen was catching up quick, or maybe the dog was slowing down on purpose, who knows!


For over a minute, the two animals are playfully chasing one another in hopes of catching up to each other.

Near the end of the video is where I laughed the most. While going around in circles, at some point, the owner’s dog stops halfway and completely turns direction. From the video, it looks as if the dog surprised the chicken because it nearly jumped a foot in the air and started chasing the dog again soon after!


As the video ends you hear one of the individuals in the background say “Oh thank you God for animals they are so fun” and you’re completely right! I’ve never rooster chase after a dog but from the looks of the video, they must have hit best friend status after this game of tag.

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