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Eggo is Introducing 5 New Waffle Flavors and I Can’t Wait!

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Eggo is a name that is pretty well-known among American families. L’Eggo My Eggo… we all know what that means, seriously though… L’Eggo My Eggo!

My favorite food blogger, Markie Devo, shared the news from Eggo.

He’s my go-to guy for all things awesome and things that are not so awesome. This happens to be one of the awesome things.

Eggo is releasing a new line of waffles and I can not wait to give them all a try!

Not just one new flavor of Eggo waffles, but 5 new flavors!

  • Fully Loaded Chocolate Chip Brownie
  • Fully Loaded Strawberry Delight
  • Cinnamon Churro
  • Thick & Fluffy Dark Chocolate
  • Belgian Style Street Waffles in Chocolate Chip
Image credit: markie_devo

Sadly, we don’t know when these will be in all stores, just that it should be soon because people have already found them in Walmart and Target stores.

Which one are you looking forward to trying the most? I think I hear the Cinnamon Churro calling my name!

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