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Lowe’s Is Giving Away Free Flowers For Mother’s Day and I Can’t Wait

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Lowe’s is giving us another reason to celebrate on this Friday afternoon.

Other than it being a Friday, the retail giant is brining back a major promotion!

Thanks to Lowe’s, you can officially get free flowers for mom on Mother’s Day.

But not just any flowers no, these free flowers are the kind that you plant!

See, Lowe’s is thinking of the grand scheme of things and since we all know that bouquets last merely a week, Lowe’s has decided to give away flowers that have a much longer life span.

For Lowe’s Rewards Members only, you can snag a free, one-pint annual plant to gift to your mom on Mother’s Day.

In addition to the free plant, if you’re not a Lowe’s Rewards Member, their membership is also free to signup!

To join, you can do so by signing up here.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll be able to reserve a spot at your local store by heading to the “Rewards Dashboard” to claim May’s Member Gift, (which are the free Mother’s Day flowers).

From there, you can select a pickup date from May 11-12 and keep an eye out on your inbox for a confirmation email!

Oh, it’s also worth noting that there are limited reservations for this promotion, so make sure to reserve your place earlier on so you don’t miss out on the deal!

Courtesy of @thefreebieguy

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