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Oreo Has New Chocolate Confetti Cake Cookies Filled With Sprinkles So Every Day Feels Like A Party

Oreo is one of America’s favorite cookies right?


Do you know ANYONE that would turn down an Oreo?

I know that I could NEVER turn down an Oreo, but maybe that’s just me… I highly doubt that though.

Anyhow, Oreos has been around for almost 110 years now!

For over a century, OREO has brought fun, playful experiences to fans and we will continue to do just that as we celebrate our 110th birthday. Our celebration is inspired by the magical birthday moment that spans generations and cultures … when you close your eyes, blow out the candles, and make a wish. We are so excited to celebrate 110 years of Milk’s Favorite Cookie by encouraging fans to embrace this birthday magic no matter their age and to never stop wishing — we’ll even be granting some fan wishes through our special sweepstakes prizes!

Sydney Kranzmann, U.S. brand manager, Oreo, said in press materials

On March 6th, 2022 we can officially celebrate 110 years of Oreo cookies, and I’m kind of thinking I need to celebrate… I mean, more Oreos, duh!

To celebrate this huge milestone, Oreo is releasing a new cookie!

New Oreo Chocolate Confetti Cake Cookies

The new Oreo Chocolate Confetti Cake Cookies are sadly a limited edition.

This new birthday celebration cookie starts with the classic Oreo cookie that we all love, but the cookies are filled with rainbow sprinkles!


That’s not all!

The creme inside is doubled up with two creme fillings!

There is the normal creme filling, but they have filled it with rainbow sprinkles, and there is a chocolate cake flavor creme!

Right now you can get them through a presale if you go to, otherwise, you’ll have just a bit longer to wait to find them in your local stores.

Oreo 110th Birthday Sweepstakes

To make the 11th birthday celebration even more epic, Oreo is hosting a sweepstakes!

To enter the sweepstakes, just head to to enter the giveaway.


The prizes include:

  • a baking class with Dominique Ansel
  • a basketball experience with AT&T Slam Dunk champion Dwight Howard
  • Oreo merchandise
  • and even more!

The limited-edition new Oreo Chocolate Confetti Cake Cookies will be available in stores nationwide starting on January 31st, 2022.