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It’s Not Just Your Phone, Apparently There’s A Nationwide Outage For Phone Carriers. Here’s What We Know.

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I have no idea why, but many people don’t have any sort of mobile phone service right now, including me and my own family!

I was on Facebook and saw a status from a friend saying this was a nationwide issue. So, I went to my phone to check to see if we had cell phone service still, and we do not.

So, then I went back to Facebook to check and see if anyone else was having issues and which carriers they used and what areas they were in. It seems to be a nationwide outage affecting many, if not all, carriers!

People are even posting outage maps on Twitter:

Some people do not even have service on their landlines or even have internet right now! Some people seem to think it is a hack or cyberattack, or even a satellite down.


Other people are saying that they are trying to merge Verizon Sprint and T-Mobile towers right now. None of this is confirmed, so who knows what the actual facts are right now.

Every single person that answered me when I asked if they had phone service answered with “No!”.

For me, I am able to send and receive texts but not calls.

I wouldn’t even bother trying to contact your service carrier because I am sure they are beyond overloaded on people attempting to contact them about it.

We are looking for more information on why it is happening and will update as soon as we can. But for now, just know it isn’t just your service, it isn’t just your phone at all. This is happening across the entire nation.


What about you? Do you currently have mobile phone service? If you don’t, where are you and who is your service carrier?

Update: They are saying this was an accident at T-Mobile, not a DDoS attack as some were saying. They are also saying this was only a T-Mobile issue, although many other people said their carriers were out as well. So who knows what happened.

This is an IP traffic related issue that has created significant capacity issues in the network core throughout the day.”

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert

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  1. I’m in St Louis, MO, I have Charter/Spectrum for internet and MetroPCS for my cell, and both are working fine.

  2. I’m in Newburgh Indiana and don’t have phone service

  3. I’m in Kennesaw GA and I have service my GF is in Lawrenceville GA and does not

  4. We have only local service. Sprint. St. Augustine Florida

    1. I’m in the Denver suburbs have have no cell.I have comcast

    2. So far I have both cell and internet! Spectrum internet and Cricket cell

  5. I’m in Jefferson Georgia and none of our phones are working were on metro by t mobile. . This is so aggrevating

  6. I have internet access through my wifi, but I have redzone which is through radio wave.. I can use Facebook & FB messaging, up until a moment ago 5pm EST. I also have phone service, text messaging and my cell phone carrier is Sprint.

  7. We are in Westland Michigan and we have no problems.

    1. I’m in Jackson and there are many here without service.

  8. I’m from Lexington Kentucky my whole family and friends don’t have phone services…….

    1. I’m in Arlington ,Washington on Verizon for cell and Wave for Internet BOTH ARE WORKING

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