Amazon Has a Secret “Treasure Truck” That Drives Around Town And Offers Insane Deals

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Few things have me more excited than cool stuff from Amazon. And I am freak out excited right now because Amazon has a secret Treasure Truck.

What, pray tell is a Treasure Truck, you ask?

Well, it’s basically a truck full of awesomeness that drives around town offering awesome deals on super cool stuff.

(You can read more about it on Amazon’s official Treasure Truck page here.)

Basically you sign up for text alerts from the Amazon Treasure Truck, and they send you a text when the Treasure Truck is close by telling you what deals they have to offer.

They have all sorts of things from food to tech, to clothes!

You buy it on the app, and then you go over to the Treasure truck to get your awesome deal.

Oh, and the treasure truck is basically a party on wheels.

You will always be greeted by smiling faces.

The Treasure truck runs on happiness.

Act fast to get the treasure before it’s gone.

We love dogs and wearing costumes. And Especially love dogs wearing costumes.

Most treasures come in nifty red bags.

Because treasure chests are too heavy to carry home, and these are reusable.

Here’s the Treasure Truck FAQ, in case you have more questions about the awesomeness.

See you there!

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