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You Can Get ‘Calm Strips’ That Are Meant To Relieve Stress and Anxiety

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I have anxiety and sometimes (often) it can be pretty severe. But, I’m pretty sure that almost every human has some form of anxiety. We get hit with a lot of stuff in life.

Before I get too far into an actual anxiety attack, sometimes I can redirect. For me, that is with certain sounds and touch.

My service dog Furiosa is a big part of that for me. It will sound odd, but when I am out and about with her, I pet her ears. Her ear texture calms me. Weird? Maybe, but it helps.

I also have other items that I touch to calm myself, like one of my favorite blankets. Well, I can’t just drag my blankie around with me, right? I also don’t always have Furiosa either. But a friend showed me something today called Calm Strips, and I am totally placing an order!

Calm Strips are discreet. It isn’t a blanket, a toy, or anything large. They are textured sensory adhesives.

Now for me, I normally go for smooth and soft. So I will have to check them out in person to see if they would work for me.

The Calm Strips are made from a thin, durable vinyl. You can use them for grounding which will help with fidgeting and anxiety.

They attach to surfaces using a high-quality adhesive. You can stick them on your phone, your laptop, desk, pretty much anywhere you need them. The adhesive leaves little to no residue if you choose to move them. You can use them again and again!


The designs are pleasing to the eye and also calming. They are inspired by painters, muralists, and digital artists. The first collection was inspired by sunrises and sunsets on the water. The newest collection is inspired by the beauty of the night sky.

The makers of Calm Strips are from Virginia. They say these are for adults as well as children. One review was from a teacher, you can read what she had to say below.

I plan to put them inside all my fourth graders’ desks… and obviously keep one or five for myself!

Calm Strip Customer

There are so many great responses on their website. This one below is from a psychotherapist!

I am a psychotherapist and bought these immediately for myself and others!

Calm Strip Customer

Wow!! What an amazing concept! Pulling in the natural world with the scenes is an important factor in the zen and grounding aspect of this… and then the textures on top for the sensory input.

Calm Strip Customer

You can order your own Calm Strips right now! They are even having a spring sale! Up to 25% off and always free shipping!


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  1. they’re just rough stickers. they do nothing sensory unless you want to peel them up and stick them down again. It feels like very mild sandpaper.

    1. @Rachelle Omenson, yep! found the same thing. Expected more.

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