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What Is The ‘Beep’ Trend Everyone Is Talking About?

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People are using the cash register “beep” sound to calculate their hits, misses, goals, life experiences, and hopes on TikTok. I have never felt anything more than this “beep” sound. LOL!!

They say the whole thing started when @itsandrewz added the “beep” sound to one of his hilarious TikTok POVs, and the sound took off from there.

What is the “Beep” sound that people are using on TikTok?

It’s really pretty straight forward. The sound is that of a cash register, and people use it to pretend they are calculating things up on their keyboards.

For instance — “Me trynna calculate how I’m stuck on this man when he’s never even taken me on a date or showed genuine interest” by @tirzahtv.

Or — “Calculating how I’m gonna get a bf when I literally find relationships cringey, I hate men, scared of actually falling in love, emotionally unavailable, have high standards and cannot commit to save my life” by @ykcebb.

And, then there’s: “Me as a cashier speeding up when I notice a parent left their kid in line to go get something” by @venus.ladonna.

I’m sitting here thinking up all the ways I could use it: “Me calculating the number of times my kids have asked for a snack today.” “Me calculating how much I just spent on gas.” “Me calculating the number of times I almost cheated on this diet today.”

For realz!! You could use it for so many things. LOL!!

How would YOU use it? Let us know in the comments.

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