This Giant Inflatable Twister Game Will Provide Hours of Fun

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As we near closer and closer to Fall the summer barbecues and parties are coming to an end but you can throw a labor day bash with the most epic Giant Inflatable Twister Game That Will Provide Hours of Fun!

This Giant Inflatable Twister Game is the perfect party game because who doesn’t want to play?

The inflatable game is 15′ x 15′ and is big enough for 10 players to play at once.

The giant game comes with the inflatable 18 oz., double-stitched vinyl 15′ x 15′ playing mat that is comprised of 64 colored dots arranged in eight rows of eight dots each.

An included 24″ diameter, 3′-high wheel spun at the beginning of each turn indicates which hand or foot players are to use and what color dot to touch.

Aside from backyard barbecues and birthday parties, people are using these indoors and weddings and even barmtitzvah’s!

While one of these games will cost you a pretty penny at $2,000, think of all the use you’ll get out of it. Plus, who says you can’t rent it out to neighbors?!

But if that really is too pricey, you can always snag this Twister Ultimate game. Not nearly as cool but still fun enough after having a few drinks!

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