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This Heated Pet Water Bowl Is Perfect For Keeping Pets Hydrated During The Winter Months

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You can get a heated water bowl for your pets to use outside during the winter months, and they are going to LOVE it!


In the summertime we fill their water bowls with ice, to keep them nice and cool. But, your fur babies don’t want frozen over water when they go outside during the winter months.


These heated water bowls are made with a BPA free plastic, so no harmful chemicals are going to be released into the water that your pets drink.

Over half a gallon of water fits in these bowls, so it’s plenty for your pet to drink in a day! But, be sure to change the water frequently, so they always have fresh water to drink.


– Heavy duty cord, but still flexible so easy to locate the bowl.
– Cord is pretty long at about 4′, so again, easy to place.
– Handled extreme cold easily.
– Easy to clean in the sink.
– Like the indicator light so you know it’s working.
– Can’t think of any!

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This bowl is perfect for “dogs, feral/stray cats, chickens, birds, squirrels, foxes, rabbits, raccoons, possums or other little creatures.”


We used to feed and water the racoons outside during the winter months when we lived in the mountains. It was so stinkin’ cute, and it really helped them survive the cold.

5.5 feet charging cable, steel wrapped, chew-resistant, safety for pets water drinking, can place in the yard, coop, farm.


When you notice that there isn’t water in the bowl, unplug it. Don’t let the heat stay on when it is empty, and don’t submerge this bowl in water.

Operating: 1.Plug the plug into a safety-tested electrical outlet. 2.Press switch located on front of heated bowl to the “ON” position,switch will illuminate when power is on,no further action is needed,your heated bowl will self regulate its temperature to a low soothing warmth.


This heated pet water bowl runs $24, which is a great price on its own. BUT, if you hurry, there is a 5% off coupon that you can add to the sale — but I can’t guarantee how long this coupon is going to remain valid.

You can get your own NAMSAN Thermal Heated Outdoor Pet Bowl from the Amazon website.


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