Red Lobster’s Endless Shrimp Deal Is About to Get More Expensive

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All good things must come to an end and Red Lobster, is officially making a slight change to their most popular seafood promotions.

The “Ultimate Endless Shrimp” deal, which allows seafood lovers to feast on two shrimp-based dishes to start, as well as any additional shrimp dishes after, became noticeably popular, very quickly.

The goal of the all-you-can-eat promo was to boost foot traffic between the months of July and December which did exactly that.

But while customers couldn’t get enough of the shellfish, Red Lobster struggled to turn this promotion into a profit.

Courtesy of Red Lobster

While serving countless plates of shrimp at a bargain of a price, the deal contributed to a $11 million loss in the third quarter of this year, and a downbeat quarter for Red Lobster’s owner, Thailand-based Thai Union.

Courtesy of Red Lobster

To keep the popular promo on the menu, Red Lobster will officially be raising the price to their Ultimate Endless Shrimp dish/

So if you’re a fan of the all-you-can-eat shellfish deal, you can expect to shell out $25 for the promotion according to the seafood chain.

Courtesy of Red Lobster

“We need to be much more careful regarding… what is the price point we’re offering for this promotion,” Thai Union Chief Financial Officer Ludovic Garnier explained in an earnings call earlier this month.

Ludovic Garnier
Courtesy of Red Lobster

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