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You Can Get A Sprinkled Donut Starbucks Cup That Puts The Fun In Sipping

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There’s no doubt that the creativity of Starbucks cups has gotten AMAZING. I have more cups than I can count, and every time I think I have found my favorite, a new one appears.

I was scrolling through Etsy today and found THE CUTEST CUP! I can’t even with this.


You can get a Sprinkled Donut Starbucks Cup!!! How freaking adorable is this?! I knew I had to have one the second I saw it!


I can’t get over how cute this is. It’s the perfect new accessory to go along with your daily coffee! Add an actual donut to the mix and you’re set!


Something about the sprinkles all over the cup just brings me so much joy. And this is currently a top seller, so it’s safe to say I’m not the only fan!


You can find this adorable cup on Etsy, thanks to seller craftsxalex for $16! (Well worth it!) They also have other bestsellers, such as a daisy cup and cow cup that you should definitely check out!


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