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Coors Released An Orange Cream Pop Seltzer Ice Cream That Is A Boozy Treat For Adults

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Summer just got a little more boozy!

Coors Seltzer has taken their new limited-time Orange Cream Pop flavor and gave it an upgrade for summer!

We will be able to have an adult ice cream treat that uses the Coors Seltzer Orange Cream Pop in the form of ice cream!

That sounds like the ultimate party time summer refresher to me!

You read it right, it’s a Coors Seltzer Orange Cream Pop alcohol-infused ice cream.

I mean, if you’re having a summer party, why not have both!

You can get the Coors hard seltzer canned drinks, as well as the Coors Seltzer Orange Cream Pop ice cream!

 I think that nostalgic blend of orange and vanilla will hit just right this summer!

Coors partnered up with Tipsy Scoop to churn out the limited-edition orange cream ice cream flavor with a 5% ABV!

The new ice cream will be available at Tipsy Scoop barlours in New York City beginning on June 30th!

If you’re not in NYC, don’t worry, you can also order the boozy ice cream on the Tipsy Scoop website and it can be shipped nationwide!

You can get an exclusive Tipsy Scoop discount code to use for online and in-store purchases of Coors Seltzer Orange Cream Pop Ice Cream!

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